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The room of webinars is designed for conducting distance seminars and video conferences for up to 40 participants.
The room opens onto the entrance 10-15 minutes before the start of the seminar.

To participate in a webinar or videoconference as a listener, it's enough to enter the room, introduce yourself (login and password are not needed), and select the webinar or video conference you need. Please, introduce your real name and surname.

To participate as a speaker, you need to connect your microphone and camera (at the entrance you will be asked about this).
Regardless of whether you are a listener or a speaker, you can use the chat tape that is on the right side of the screen.

If this is your first time in our room, please take a look at the instruction for entering - pictures "step by step" (below) and only after that press the INPUT button at the end of this page.


STEP 1. You will see this screen after pressing the INPUT button. When choosing the type of seminar (open or private), select OPEN

STEP 2. Select Your seminar (webinar) or videoconference

STEP 3. Write your first and last name and click CONNECT STEP 4. Select "turn on the microphone" if you are a speaker (in the picture on the left) or "just listen", if you are a listener

STEP 5. If you are a speaker - allow access to your microphone and camera and click "Next"

STEP 6. Say a few words to the microphone. If the sound indicator is deflected to a large part of the scale - click "Next"

STEP 7. Now, if you want, you can listen to the test sound (for this you need to press the long key at the bottom of the picture). If you are satisfied with the sound - press the "yes" button.

STEP 8. Now you can see the presentation of the host seminar in the center of the screen. In the lower left corner there is an image from the camera of the presenter. Left - the names of the seminar participants. Find your own among them. On the right is the chat tape.

STEP 9. If you are one of the speakers and connected a microphone - in the menu at the top of the screen you will see the microphone icon. Both yourself and the presenter can turn off your microphone.

STEP 10. When the presenter sees that you have entered with the microphone, he will allow you to turn on your camera. You will see a camera icon at the top of the screen. Click on it.

STEP 11.Your camera will start to tune. This can take up to a minute. After that, click "Start Broadcast"

STEP 12. Now you see the image from the camera of the presenter and from your camera in the lower left corner of the screen. All other participants also see the image from both cameras. If there are more speakers, there will be more cameras. On the right is the chat room, which all participants can use - both speakers and listeners.

STEP 13. The presenter can change the location of the items on the screen. Can make a larger image from a particular camera or presentation image. In any case, there is a chat tape on the right side of the screen

STEP 14. Only the presenter (speaker) can flip through the presentation. The master can turn off the microphones and cameras of the other participants if they interfere. The presenter can transfer his rights to the speaker to another speaker.


STEP 15. The new speaker can set up his presentation, flip it and accompany the slide show with voice and image from his camera.

    Wellcome to WEBINAR ROOM !



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